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Environmental sustainability a high priority for our organisation as we focus on the relationships between people and the environment, society, and one another. We have commenced a journey to harness our philosophy and utilise our expertise to create a more liveable, sustainable urban environment.

As part of this journey, we have formed an Inner City Greening team whose goal is to build connections between people and the natural environment in the primarily built up areas of Perth City.

Current our team works on two different sites in Perth Central Business District (CBD); the Urban Orchard and Wetlands at the Perth Cultural Centre and QV1 Rooftop Garden. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are here 3 days a week caring for the gardens and chatting to members of the public who visit the gardens to put a bit of green into their day!

The purpose of these gardens is to create a healthy work-life balance in the community. On the QV1 Rooftop, tenants from the office building can create and care for their own corporate garden. Whether it’s to grow fruit, herbs and vegetables for office meals or harvest, or flowers to use at their social events; office staff have the opportunity to take a break from their busy desk job and take a moment our in the gardens; enjoying a brief escape into urban gardening lifestyle and involving themselves in the joy of cultivation and harvesting.

We also aim to create a sense of belonging in the community. The gardens themselves have a versatile role; not only do they provide a space for gardening but also a great opportunity network with like-minded individuals, or a location host social events surrounded by the nature. The spaces offer a tranquil experience in the heart of the city – away from the bustling streets and corporate life!


If you are keen to get involved or perhaps explore the possibility of setting up an urban garden at your workplace, please contact Emma for further discussion: citygreening@perthcityfarm.org.au​

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