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Building Our Chickens a New Home

For the first time, Perth City Farm crowdfunded to build our chickens a new coop and enclosure, in a location that’s safer and more accessible for the public,
and better integrated with the rest of the farm.

Our beloved chickens are going to relish this move!  Their enclosure will be designed so the chickens can run out into our food forest and our soil centre, where we make our compost. They can enjoy engaging in natural bugging and scratching behaviours and help us with our Integrated Pest Management.

The chickens’ new home will be a happy and comfortable place for them, and an educational asset for the thousands of visitors we receive each year.




Garry Gillard

Kevin Gillan

Katherine Nash

Jenny Nash

Luke Evans

Diana Bridger

Wayne Slater

Ken Allen

Annie H

Carol Dickson

Vicki Preobrazenski


Isabel Inkster

Martina Hoeppner

Linda Rawlings

Karen Warner

Glen McLeod-Thorpe

Anonymous #1

Anonymous #2

Anonymous #3

Stephanie Hughes

Emma Slavin

Liana Maumill

Alison Vaughan

Deb Wise

Debbie McMahon

Jodie Kasatchkow

Morgan Gillham

Rod Hughes

Elspeth Burke

Sarah Davies

Nurcan Catan

Christabel Barnes

Amy Warne 

Claire Stokes

Melanie Boardman

PinkDiamond Cleaning

Sophie Firth


Sophie Farman

Rory Burrows

Molly Harris

Bree Loaring

Heather Lauri

Clayton Chipper

Su Ferreira

Anonymous #4

Anonymous #5

Anonymous #6

Anonymous #7

Anonymous #8

Anonymous #9

Anonymous #10

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