WHO WE ARE      

Perth City Farm is a 26 year old Urban Farm that provides space and opportunities to build community connections, and educates and enables people to live sustainably. Established on a former industrial site in East Perth, this polluted site has been lovingly rehabilitated by volunteers to become a Western Australian icon for environmental sustainability and community engagement. 

We operate our half-hectare site as a vibrant community orientated platform that provides the following: 

A Haven for Perth (and the world) 

Our garden is a welcoming oasis in a busy city that allows visitors to pause and reconnect with themselves, others, nature and spirit. Volunteers from all walks of life are included and supported to contribute to their community.  

A Model for kinder ways of living 

We model sustainable living practices so our visitors can learn and implement kinder ways to live. We model best practice food growing and sustainable events, we educate through tours, workshops and onsite signage, and we facilitate behaviour change with our Re-use and Recycle Centre.  We share these skills throughout Perth with our City Greening and Education enterprises. 

A Hub for others to create 

Our unique central space serves as a hub for other groups who are also working for a kinder world.  Community groups deliver their own programming, ethical farmers gather weekly at the Farmers Market and we host an activist co-working space.  We collaborate to run regular special events that weave our educational messages into joyous community celebrations such as the ‘Kambarang’, ‘Harvest’ and ‘Love the Earth’ festivals 

Rod Hughes - Farm Manager

Kathleen Burton - CEO

Rosanne Scott - Chair & Founder

Meet the Executive Team


Rosanne Scott, Founder and Board Chair

Alongside other alumni, Rosanne came up with the idea for Perth City Farm in 1990.  Rosanne  has been involved in the Farm’s growth and development every step of the way and has worked very hard to ensure Perth City Farm produces outstanding community value, promotes local art and music, and of course continues to work towards a healthy and sustainable future through environmental conservation and sustainable food production. Her motto ‘Planting trees to help people grow’ combines her passion for the environment and for people. It was Rosanne’s passionate vision for a holistic project that saw the birth and evolution of Perth City Farm – kick starting the community garden movement in Perth.


Kathleen Burton, CEO 

Kathleen is passionate about enabling people to live considered, meaningful lives, feeling that they belong and are valued in their community, and are connected to the natural world which they respect and protect.  She’s used her degree in Accounting and Entrepreneurship as a base to work with various non-profit organisations, helping them create programs that bring in new types of revenue, whilst also creating change. Kathleen first fell in love with Perth City Farm in 2010 when she took over the very important volunteer role of Barista for the Saturday Farmer’s Market, before there was a café on site.  After some overseas experience Kathleen came back to City Farm in 2014 as a member of the Management Committee, and stepped into the role of CEO in July 2017.

Rod Hughes, Farm Manager

Rod has worked nearly three decades in environmental management with a focus on community involvement, especially in river and catchment management.  In recent years he has turned his attention to permaculture learning and how this system of thinking can create new and critical connections between people, the environment and the food we produce to eat.  Rod completed a Permaculture Design Certificate, Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate and Diploma of Permaculture, and is using these skills to rehabilitate a large Land for Wildlife property in the Lower Chittering Valley, helping to create a local Community Garden, working as an independent permaculture consultant and, as Farm Manager since mid 2018, helping to shape the future of Perth City Farm.

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